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CAAFLOGer's Spectacular Ignorance

CAAFLOG's and the Heritage Foundation's Charles "Chuckles" Stimson appears online at the Wall Street Journal in a video discussing the need to continue to scapegoat the poor and minorities who dare to seek relief or pleasure in the narcotics that Mr. Stimson and his fellow anti-liberty activists don\'t happen to care for:

The drug laws are, in fact, the leading cause of the suffering of the poor and minorities, and the greatest facilitators of racism in the United States. The blithe indifference to these facts by journalists like Jason Riley and alleged experts like Stimson speaks poorly of their judgment and the institutions they represent.

Particular attention should be paid to the question and answer about one minute into the interview:

"What's the administration's justification for reducing the disparity in sentencing between crack cocaine offenses and powder cocaine offenses?"

Stimson gives a lovely little history lesson, but never actually answers the question. He then blandly asserts that "many on the left and right agree" on a new (arbitrary 18:1) ratio between the penalties that should apply to the cocaine distribution methods. What kind of argument is this?! And what is the justification for the disparity in the first place?

Anyone seeking the history, facts, and principles involved in this issue should seek out Dr. Thomas Szasz' "Our Right to Drugs" and "Ceremonial Chemistry: The Ritual Persecution of Drugs, Addicts, and Pushers."


 Prison-lovin' Chuckles Stimson could use a joint.