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CAAFLOG: Proud and Out!

Bravely reversing the trend of out and proud, the caafloggers used to be proud, but now it looks like a lot of them are just out.

For exhibit one, here's a screen shot from a caaflog posting titled: "'The Invisible War': Uninformed, Dishonest, or Both?- Part II?" 


Note the proud list of contributors on the right side of the web page.

Here is the magnified contibutors list:


For some reason, the loyal readers of are now being deprived of the list of proud contributors. Was this error? A stylistic choice? Have the contributors expressed a desire not to be explicitly associated with caaflog in a formal capacity?

Who knows? But it can be argued that caaflog itself has a history of uninformed and dishonest conduct that adversely affected a soldier at his most vulnerable. 

Then, after the soldier was incarcerated, an official law enforcement agency presented allegations of felonious high-level official misconduct that, if proven, would tend to vindicate the soldier and the soldier's good faith concerns about the commander-in-chief.

Given that the caaflogers took such pleasure in publicly vilifying the soldier and his supporters, why did the caaflog contributors suddenly stop addressing the subject when the law enforcement officials presented their evidence?!

Why did the contibutors list disappear?

Caaflog contributors used to be proud, now they're just out. And there seems to be no man left.